And my world feels like shades of grey. Wrapped in plastic bubbles, filled with dusty shades of memories. I feel empty inside. And outside... I can... weiterlesen

There were these seconds were i believed that things were about to change. But i was wrong, and i was an idiot. weiterlesen

We are

We are... ...good ...bad ...evil ...caring ...loving ...destrukive ...doubtfull ...fearless ... We are who we are. And only if we ackno... weiterlesen


Who we are? Who do we think we are? What do we want and what do we need? Are we ready for what life has to offer? Are we covered in sticky fear... weiterlesen

The simplicity of things

I got it all sorted out. The reasons, the behavior. I wrote it down on a white sheet of paper, surprised what i was about to discover. It was so si... weiterlesen

Von den Windmühlen...

an manchen Tagen haben wir das Gefühl gegen Windmühlen zu kämpfen, gegen die Zeit selbst zu laufen, uns selbst das Messer auf die Brust gesetzt zu ... weiterlesen

Von den Dingen die es sich zu haben lohnt

Die Dinge, die wir einfach haben können wollen wir nicht, und die Dinge, für die wir nicht gekämpft haben, schätzen wir nicht. Die meisten Dinge ha... weiterlesen